Child Mental Health Centre

Islington, London

The Basics

Address: 2-18 Britannia Row, Islington, London, N1 8PA 

Website: https://www.childmentalhealthcentre.org/ 

Telephone020 7354 2913 

Email: info@childmentalhealthcentre.org

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The Centre has been offering international conferences, training events and resources to professionals and parents for over 15 years. We have experts in all aspects of mental health to support your CPD and training needs. We understand the challenging task of enabling troubled children and young people to thrive. Our experts are available to you through conferences, approved trainings or bespoke presentations at a venue of your choice. We entirely understand that it can seem like an uphill struggle when you are repeatedly met with a child’s real suffering, mental health problem or defensiveness, anger and deep mistrust.  

Our conferences offer cutting edge audio-visual lecture presentations from the expert international child and adolescent psychologists, neuroscientists, mental health innovators, clinicians. All are published authors, who bring the latest evidence-based key tools and techniques to enrich and support the work of all child professionals. The conferences cover a wide range of topics in child mental health and psychological health and well-being. The conference days are superbly rich experiences, offering key innovative strategies, film footage, latest research, and case histories, all delivered with highly accessible use of language, meaning delegates go away moved, inspired and informed. 


The Centre for Child Mental Health aims to support both child professionals and parents with the latest evidence based tools, techniques, brain science and psychological research on how to enable children and teenagers to thrive. Aiming to support you with vital skills, underpinned by the latest research from psychology and brain science  

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