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The Basics

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Great for: Breathwork, Holistic, Health, Mind/Body, Mental Health, Digestion, Stress Relief, Self-development  


Benedict is a Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. He runs workshops and retreats in the South of England, France and Canada.  He qualified with Alchemy of Breath in 2018 and now runs his own Breathwork School called Breathing Space. It was set up in 2018 as a way to bring this amazing practice out into the world. We now run workshops, retreats and training courses all over the world. By September 2019 I had run over 20 retreats and was featured in the Guardian Newspaper as one of the best wellness holidays in Europe.

For many years Benedict was just a participant in things – he went to yoga classes, workshops and even did the occasional training but nothing really stuck. He was a drifting High School teacher who didn’t know what to do with his life.  

While on a holiday in Bali in 2014, he was invited to a Conscious Connected Breathwork session. Within a few breaths Benedict went to a deeper and more profound place than he had done in fourteen years on a yoga mat and seven on a meditation cushion. It was like fireworks went off in his head. He knew this was his destiny.  

What, How, Why

What You See Done

Breathwork Space makes safe spaces and teach people the tools they need to feel, heal, and transform. 

How It Is Done

Powerful workshops and life-changing retreats are run with a focus of community and connection.  

Training courses are also delivered and empower those who feel the calling to do the same. 

Breathwork Space makes community to support our journeys and make them fun. 

Why This Work Is Done

The profound power of Breathwork can be life changing. 

We all have the innate wisdom and strength to be our own teacher and healer. 

Breathwork Space believes in the power of connection and community.  


Benedict passionately believes in the healing and transformative power of Breathwork. He has had personal experience of this and seen it in the hundreds of people that he has had the honour of facilitating through Breathwork journeys. It is powerful and profound, but it is also simple and accessible to everyone. 

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