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Address: Indaba Yoga, 18 Hayes Pl, London NW1 6UA

Website: https://www.breathingtree.co.uk/

Email: rebecca@breathingtree.co.uk

Tel.: +44 (0) 797 706 2474

Great for: Breathing Techniques, Wellbeing, Relaxation, Stress Release, Anxiety, Mindfulness


Breathing 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and retreats.

By learning how to consciously connect to our breath and encourage its natural rhythms, we can harmonise the body and mind, live life fully, find emotional freedom and feel empowered.

Breathing Tree offers to practice the Transformational Breath, one of the most cutting edge breath techniques on the planet right now and helps us to understand the power of our breath.

The founder Rebecca Dennis specialises in treating issues such as stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, sleeping and focus issues, lack of energy and physical problems. She continues to study with inspirational teachers from all over the world and fervently believes that conscious breathwork is the ultimate key to our well-being, health and inner peace.

Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The connected pattern of conscious breathing is a natural, safe and easy–to-learn technique. As human beings we hold onto tension within our bodies and in doing so create physical, mental and emotional blockages. This technique helps to release the blockages and transform your life and energy.

The science to healthy use of fear for abundance.

Discover how to use fears to escape the anxiety trap and create the life you want.

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