Blaze Wear


The Basics

Address:Faverdale Industrial Estate, Trinity House 2 Trinity Court, Faverdale N, Darlington DL3 0PH


Telephone: 0845 475 7510

Great for:Sportswear, Fitness, Wellness, Heathed Clothing


This superb quality heated clothing range gives you the best of all worlds. Designed for outstanding fit, comfort, breathability and durability. The garments are warm as they are by when temperature drops, you can increase the warmth in seconds by turning on adjustable built-in heating.

Heated Clothing

Utilising cutting-edge technology, Blaze Wear integrates completely unobtrusive heating elements into the inner layers of the garments. These flex and bend as you do, so they never restrict movement. Powered by a portable rechargeable USB power bank or rechargeable battery, you can add low, medium and high levels of heat using an easy access temperature control button with an LED indicator.

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