Biotiful Dairy

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The Basics

Address: Biotiful Dairy Ltd, 51 Holland Street, London W8 7JB




Great for:Protein, Drinks, Kefir, Dairy, Gut-friendly Cultures


Upgrading Dairy since 2012. Biotiful Dairy produce cultured dairy drinks and snacks using the ancient method of fermentation. Their drinks and snacks are naturally full of gut-friendly cultures, lower in sugar and high in protein, vitamins and minerals. With their delicious range, Biotiful Dairy is on its way to becoming a household staple, selling over 17 bottles every minute and, importantly, improving the way dairy is made and enjoyed.

The Story

When our founder Natasha moved to London, she couldn’t find a kefir that matched her memory of this superfood she grew up drinking. So she set about creating the perfect kefir for modern day life – naturally nutritious and delicious!

The origins of Kefir date back 2,000 years to the Caucasus mountains and since then it has been consumed for its many benefits that come from a combination of gut-friendly bacteria and essential vitamins and minerals.

With our range of tasty Kefirs and Kefir-Quarks, we’re on a mission to help people upgrade their dairy choices and enjoy all the amazing benefits Biotiful Dairy offers!

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