Biodynamic Massage

Relate to Your Own Inner (Bio)dynamic For Self-healing

The Basics

WHAT: Explanation of What the Biodynamic Massage is, It’s Benefits and When to Use it.

SOURCE: Based on resources by Joanna Cichuta (INNER FIRE Co-Founder and Well-being Practitioner)

GREAT FOR: Massage Therapy, Headaches, Stress, Pains, Insomnia, Depression, Arthritis, Muscular Tension, Toxins



A Biodynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic form of massage concerned with the integration of all aspects of an individual: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Biodynamic comes from the two words: bio meaning life and dynamic meaning movement or force. Biodynamic symbolizes that the life force inside us needs freedom to move and be dynamic to prevent blockages, storages of negativity, illness, and toxins in our body. It is derived from methods used in Norwegian physiotherapy and was developed and brought to the U.K. by Gerda Boyesen, psychologist, physiotherapist and analyst.

Biodynamic massage rests on the following theoretical principles:

  • Individuals are perceived as energetic beings
  • Health is apparent when there is a free flow of energy in the system
  • Given the right circumstances, individuals are believed to have the capacity to self-heal and self-regulate.
  • Illness is regarded as being out of harmony with oneself and the surroundings.
  • Past and present may contribute to symptoms

Role of a Biodynamic Massage Therapist

Rather than trying to cure an illness, the aim of a biodynamic massage therapist is to understand, with the client, the meaning and message of an illness. In this process, symptom relief comes from creating a new balance within oneself and one’s life.

Placing a stethoscope on the abdomen, the therapist follows the peristaltic sounds closely. These sounds indicate to the therapist that the body tissue is succeeding in letting go of ‘stress remnants’ from old uncompleted emotional cycles. By working to increase the sounds, the therapist progressively clears the body tissue of its armoring, allowing energy to flow more freely. Involuntary autonomic nervous system reactions (i.e. muscular twitches, yawning, shivering, crying, or a need to urinate) are seen as signs of the body rebalancing itself.

By communicating with or making non-verbal contact with the client, the client is able to relate to his/her own inner (bio)dynamic for self-healing. Biodynamic massage has a large repertoire of techniques, with each client receiving an individually tailored massage session and no two sessions being exactly the same.

Types of Biodynamic Massage & Conditions Treated

Unlike more traditional forms of massage, the biodynamic massage therapist does not use any oil. The contact is either skin-to-skin or through clothing and the strokes move down the body or from the core to the periphery.

There are several forms of biodynamic massage, each with its own set of movements and intentions.

  • Energy Distribution – As the name implies, encourages the flow of energy down the body and out from the deeper levels
  • Aura (human energy field) Work – Used in biodynamic work when it is not possible to physically touch the client. Helps clients contact their more spiritual side.
  • Basic Touch – Sometimes referred to as ‘diagnostic touch’; can be applied at the skin, connective tissue, or muscular level as a way to get to know the client
  • Emptying – Used when tissues are full of stagnant fluid or energy
  • Connective Tissue Work
  • Deep Draining
  • Hypotonous Work – The therapist holds and stretches the muscle on the “in” breath, inviting more aliveness and tone into the tissue
  • Lifting
  • Polarization – Biodynamic massage sessions are often concluded by polarisation with the client lying on their left side

Conditions Treated by Biodynamic Therapy

Biodynamic massage is suitable in the case of symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Feeling under the weather/that something is not quite right
  • Emotional pressure
  • Muscular tension
  • Under-toned muscles
  • Toxins

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