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The Basics

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Aquapax is the original carton water brand. It’s paper cartons are one of the most ecologically sensitive, low carbon impact, package options available – using renewable and wholly recyclable materials. The wholly recyclable carton material is mostly paperboard made from trees, sourced from sustainably renewed, FSC Certified forests.

Aquapax also has its reforestation program, committed to collecting indigenous tree seeds and establishing tree nurseries. Creating significant employment with specific smallholder farmers on their land, geared to ecological enhancement. Every time you purchase an Aquapax, you’re contributing towards the program, so thank you for making a difference!

The Story

A million water bottles are bought every minute around the world. 80% of plastic bottles purchased every year end up in landfills, where they typically spend 450 – 500 years to break down into hazardous micro-plastics. Over 4 billion plastic bottles annually it has been thrown away in the ocean. As a result of rubbish being deposited in waterways by humans and nature, these they can break down into hazardous micro-plastics which are then ingested by ocean animals. That is why is a time to make a change. Aquapax founder grew up on a plastic-free beach and future generations of children deserve the same


They were the first to embrace a majority paper carton rather than plastic or glass to contain truly pure (even suitable for babies) natural water product. Ultimately Aquapax have been trying to leave the world in a little better shape than it’s got into during our lifetime! 

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