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Ankh Rah Ltd is the company promoting passionately a healthy lifestyle through natural plant-based supplements that contain absorbable nutrition with the nutrients on a cellular level which allows our organs to function at their optimum. With Moringa being an ancient plant, Ankh Rah founder wanted the company to have an ancient name with a purpose and meaning. So with the help of his friends came up with Ankh Rah Ltd. With the Ankh meaning the key to life and Rah meaning energy.

Their supplements have won multiple health industry awards from best new product, highly commended best product to best sports nutrition. Ankh Rah have received many 5-Star Trustpilot reviews from amazed customers improving their lifestyle in a short period of time. They have been also endorsed by a former Olympic Gold Medalist and former London 2012 Olympic games Ambassador. 

Company also provides a healthy living blog which gives additional information for those looking to improve their health and lifestyle. 


Ankh Rah was created due to the growing concern for human health – the decline of nutrition in modern foods and the rise of GMO produce, also due to the fact that many supplements on the market have no impact on improving our health. This is because the nutrition in these supplements are not at the level where the body can absorb and utilize and therefore don’t work.

The brand aims to help people in the world have greater capabilities in order to function at their best. They make high-quality natural supplements to provide customers with a holistic approach to functional nutrition without causing adverse effects. All products ensure you to be a highly functional individual that drives change in the world. 

Ankh Rah also provides consultations for those looking to have the supplements tailored for their specific needs.

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Ankh Rah provides free supplementary health information, beneficial exercises, healthy recipes, tips and secrets on your Healthy Living Blog:


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