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Website: http://ama-vida.com/ 

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Great for: Children Food, Snaking, Health, Vegan. 


Graded acai, dragon fruit and jackfruit packs and smoothies powders. All products are organic and harvested from local farmers in South America! Where the fruits originate ensuring the most natural flavour! 

 AmaVida brings the highest quality Superfoods from around the world to your door, Join our health revolution! 

Products can be ordered online or from many shops in London, including Planet Organic, The Mae Deli, Portobello Juice Café and the likes. 


AmaVida’s mission is to share their passion for Superfoods with you, offering products which are wild-harvested, organic farmed, sustainable and social! 
Rich in nutrients, energetic and tasty! AmaVida promotes their love for the earth! Supporting a sustainable industry that ensures fairness to local communities and encourages alternative use of the environment! Hence reducing deforestation. 

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