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The Basics

Here is where beauty, tribal arts and feminine energy come together – Shaktijnana jewellery

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Limited number of orders is available with a 30% discount, only with the promo code: IFII30


Shaktijnana is inspired by all the tribal jewellery in the world, but mainly Indian and Moroccan. Shakti means feminine Energy. It is handmade with Love.

It is made using Brass as the main material, which is good for the blood circulation and the Throat Chakra. It is also nickel free.

Shaktijnana offers also Talismans with Crystals to protect and heal you on your journey.

How to Redeem The Offer

To redeem this offer contact Shaktijnana jewellery directly on Mirihane@gmail.com and express your interest in buying the jewellery with the promo code IFII30. You will be then given access to the online shop with your 30% discount.

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