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The Basics

Address: Online  

Telephone: +44 (0) 145 525 1020 

Website: https://www.penny-price.com 

Email: info@penny-price.com 

Great for: Natural, Handmade, Skincare, Family Care Products 


Penny Price Aromatherapy has Academy venues and product outlets throughout the world and is known for its professional aromatherapy training courses and organic hand-crafted aromatherapy products. 

They aromatherapy products are made by hand to ensure maximum attention and quality. Using their therapeutic grade oils they will give you the best holistic results from the blends you create. In their stock you can only find the finest quality essential oils, which are completely natural. Their policy is not to stock any synthetic or chemically adjusted aromatherapy product. 

Range of Products: 

Nurture Skincare is naturally infused and expertly formulated and includes creams lotions and oils to look after your skin and offer wellness solutions. Nurture Skincare is designed to nourish, protect and look after you and your skin.  

Nurture Family is a naturally infused aromatherapy range that has been lovingly designed, blended and created especially for you. The brand want to nurture mum’s skin throughout pregnancy and the months that follow, and deliver the amazing benefits of essential oils to care for them during this special time. All nurture products are 100% safe for mummy, during pregnancy and post natal, and for baby too. Recently showcased in Their Royal Baby Book.  

Illuminous Skin Care is a natural fusion of indulgent skin care and aromatherapy. Formulated and designed by expert Aromatherapist Penny Price Illuminous an advanced range of naturally active creams, serums and oils based on innovative plant therapy, and designed to restore radiance and youthfulness to the skin while illuminating inner beauty. With naturally powerful, active ingredients, Illuminous is effective even on the most delicate of skins. Night and Day The Illuminous range has been created as two complementary groups of skin care products: those formulated for regular daytime use, and those which fulfils a complete bedtime skin care routine.  

Natural ingredients NO Microbeads  

NO Silicones NO Petrol derivitives  

NO Parabens NO FD&C colours  

NO Artificial fragrances NO Propylene glycol  

NO Animal products* * except honey 


Nurture Family  

Nurture Skin Care 

Illuminous Skin Care 

The Story

Family vision & energy drive our business forward, The company was born out of special memories of being surrounded by aromas, lotions and potions and being involved in aromatic adventures for over 40 years. Penny’s mum learned her aromatic skills in the ‘70s and went on to have her own company until retirement, a few years later, the wonderful journey that is Penny Price Aromatherapy began.

From teaching aromatherapy courses, to supplying aromatherapy potions, and creating and manufacturing aromatic formulations for they lovely clients. Penny has been trained as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Tutor since 1983. 

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