The Facial Goddess By Donna Ryan

Fitzrovia, London

The Basics

Website: www.donnaryan.co.uk 

Address: Redhed, 7 Charlotte Place, London, W1T 1SQ 

Telephone: +44 (0) 784 1 57 9603 

Email: donna@donnaryan.co.uk 

Great for: Skincare, Beauty, Body Treatments, Holistic, Spiritualism, Health, Mind & Body, Mindfullness.


Donna Ryan, also known as The Facial Goddess, transforms skin with her advanced facial massage, plant-based skincare and nutrition.  

Each of the natural and intuitively designed treatments are made unique to your specific needs and will leave you feeling deeply rejuvenated with a healthy glow and lifted face.  

Donna works with award-winning plant-based skincare and combines with techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine such as gua sha, crystal rollers and medicinal mushrooms  

Her signature “Fitzrovia Facial” is a high touch treatment using a combination of techniques put together from years of training. This is a treatment unlike any other and must not be missed.  

The Story

Started with terrible painful acne. It would take Donna over an hour to do her makeup to try and cover up blemishes and redness. The acne ruined her self-esteem and caused depression.   

During that time, she began looking for a more holistic approach and began using natural remedies, she started to intuitively know what would be good for her skin. She could touch and smell a product and know whether it would be beneficial for her or not, with this new approach, very quickly her skin started healing. 

Donna has always had regular facials but she saw there was a gap in the market for organic and natural, she couldn’t find a beauty therapist to treat her,  they would tell her they were natural facials but Donna being herself would check the ingredient list – usually, she found parabens, artificial fragrance and sometimes mineral oils. Everything that her skin hates.  

So, Donna, then began her training in becoming a Holistic Aesthetician, and is still learning from some of the greatest teachers. 


To create peace and harmony.  

Donna’s philosophy goes beyond skin deep; she believes we need to have a greater appreciation for our skin, more of a spiritual connection. 

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